After helping so many Breweries and Brewpubs through the opening process, there is a certain way to help you save money up front and add coverage as need be. There are so many important lines of coverage your specific business needs right away, some that can be added later in the build out, and others that need to be added right before your Grand Opening. The best way to do this is not all together, but when the time is right and also when the cash flow begins (or is about to begin!).

During the buildout process, you have a constant flow of money going out the door and nothing coming in yet…this is never a good feeling!

According to the current statistic, as of today, Breweries and Brewpubs are opening at a rate of 1.2/per day! – This does not even include the boom in the microdistillery boom as well.

An important, and often overlooked, portion of many startup business plans includes Insurance coverage and costs. Did you include this aspect as part of your business plan for banks and potential investors?

Insurance is an ongoing expense the same as payroll, making payments to your landlord, utilities, etc. This expense needs to be planned out and expected from the start.

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