With the rapid growth of the Craft Beverage Industry, there are many businesses adding more/bigger fermenters, new locations, employees, etc. to their operation.

As a business owner, you have a lot of items on your checklist to make sure the expansion goes accordingly – checking the numbers, hiring, ordering more equipment, dealing with another landlord, and so on – Insurance is not always a top priority.

 The nice thing about Expanding vs. Startup is that you should already have insurance coverage in place for your operation. The problem is you’re adding so many things to your business that are unknown to the insurance company (and will possibly be uncovered during a claim) until they are notified of the updates and changes that need to be made to the policy along with the expansion.

The beauty of most insurance policies is they do offer some coverage for additional equipment, or even a new location that is purchased/leased, for a period of time. The problem is the coverage may only be $25,000 – $50,000 and only for a period of 50 – 90 days.

Make sure to contact either Us or your current agent to let them know about the expansion project and don’t wait – assuming the expansion is covered – and then find out during a possible claim that there is now NO COVERAGE!