Hopefully a claim will never occur with your business, but below are a few scenarios that can happen. Read over these scenarios carefully to make sure that your insurance for your brewery operation will provide you the same type of coverage:

Equipment Breakdown: The lifeblood of any brewery is its equipment, tanks, kettles, bottling, and refrigeration. If any one goes down, the brewery is exposed to down time and loss of earnings. What does your insurance company do to help you when your brewing equipment stops running due to mechanical failure?

  • Our programs can protect the equipment your business needs. It covers repair or replacement of failed equipment and includes risk prevention services to help keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.

Property In-Transit: Do you transport raw materials from your supplier or transport your product to the local tavern?

  • Coverage  through our programs provide a limit to handle your smaller transit exposures. if your brewery is doing quite a bit of delivery of the product, higher limits are available to accommodate this exposure.

Product Recall Expense: Despite the best quality control procedures, personal hygiene, and raw materials, products sometimes have to be recalled, involving a complex, expensive process. Does your insurance company help you with the cost?

  • Our programs provide for expenses incurred by you or others for the loss of use, withdrawal, recall, inspections, repair, replacement, adjustment, removal or disposal of the product.

Other Important Risks that need to be covered:

  • Spoilage, Contamination, & Change in Temperature Coverage
  • Liquor Liability (State-Specific)
  • Backup of Sewers & Drains
  • Foundation & Pipes
  • Broadened Definition of Property
  • Ordinance Or Law
  • Historic Building Valuation
  • Property Off-Premise
  • Seasonal Increase
  • Global General Liability Endorsement
  • Emergency Event Management

Brewery Insurance Trevor Stech